Dan Zitofsky
For well over two decades, I’ve specialized in working with clients to build equity in their wealth portfolios through investments, savings, IRA’s, and 401K’s. 

I’ve closed over 400 fix-and-flips, 650 rental properties, and over 1,000 private money transactions.

Now it's your turn!

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"Building Real Wealth"
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Sneak Peek of What You'll Get
Hey there! I'm excited to get started working with you on your journey to creating real, long lasting wealth through real estate!

Here's what to expect from this course:

Module #1 – The Foundations of Investing in Real Estate. Everyone and their brother will tell you that they invest in real estate. However, like they say in Texas, many people are all hat no cattle. We start off with how to identify emerging markets, building your team, and the mindset you need to start winning in real estate.

Module #2 – Raising Private Capital. For many this is the first road block. We pull back the curtain, and break down how to raise capital like the big girls and boys. Everything from investor communication, how to market and lead generate, the paper works and legal docs... and so much more. We even give you our private investor presentation deck!

Module #3 – The Asset Strategy. This is where we really dig into how we, and our students, build generational wealth through smart, sound investment strategy. The types of deals we invest in and all the different work strategies. This is where you'll learn about the Rinse & Repeat strategy that will change the game for you.

Bonus Material – Start Marketing Effectively. One of the best marketing strategists in real estate today, gave us permission to include his entire 3 day course! If you're ready to start marketing like it's 2017, and take the competition out of the game, this is the training will blow your mind. He will show you how to take control of your marketing, brand, and business. 
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